Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Let me retain an upright stance
as I, upon my world, glance;
my favor, in Thy sight, enhance;
the tempter not to get a chance!

Yea, Lord, as I go through life,
facing joys and facing strife
together with my precious wife,
be Thy Holy Spirit rife!

Indeed, in all that does abound
let Thy servant then be sound;
blameless even to be found
standing firm on holy ground!

Yea, forever may I be
found, Lord, to be firm in Thee;
even, Lord, that men would see
that Thou art so indwelt in me!
Upon the Rock, there standing fast,
to be tempted, yet not passed;
iniquity to, outward, cast;
Thy confidence and peace to last!

Thus, indeed, mine upright stance
will be, my Father, at Thy glance,
furthering that blest romance,
our communion to enhance!


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