Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Pillar

A Pillar of Humanity,
He walked among us all;
and though He spoke to such as we,
so lofty was His call.
Unfathomed, His obedience,
loyal to the grave;
even as a lamb went He,
my wretched soul to save!

A Pillar yet of Deity,
death could not contain!
A season there in outer darkness,
then He rose again!
Stellar in location now,
at the Father's right;
one order yet to execute,
but, oh, that blessed flight!

THE Pillar He will ever be,
matches He my stride;
every moment of the day
out there by my side!
Though a part of Godhead, yet
a peasant would He host;
of all that is known unto me,
I love Him but the most!

Who am I? Who are we to be blessed with fellowship of God? Who are we that He would not only lower Himself to walk among us, but choose us, call us, even desire to be with us?!
The Pillar. His Name is Jesus. And we are so fortunate to be loved by Him!

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