Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not remissed!

God is so alive in our lives!
May we never miss an opportunity to declare His Presence!

Would I be remissed if I
neglected so to say
how Jesus comes nigh unto me
every single day?
But then to feel remorse and shame
(as He's mine all-in-all,)
to know that I neglected Him-
oh, but what a fall!

I shall never be remissed,
nor to bring on shame!
Forevermore will I exalt
and praise His holy Name!
Occassion never to arise
when I must repent
because, that precious time with Him,
I have never spent!

It is my lone desire to
be pleasing Him alone.
To thoughts of constant exaltation
am I ever prone!
And though, at times, I miss the mark,
caught up in other 'things,'
that blessed word "Come, enter in...."
e'er constantly so rings!

Can you hear it? Listen for it! Those inviting words are being spoken to everyone with an open heart!
Never miss an opportunity to spend time with Jesus!
Never miss an opportunity to inform how Jesus fills every part of your life!
People are listening.

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