Monday, May 16, 2011


Monday morning...again.
"Good morning, Father God! What have you planned for me today?!"
Yardwork that I did not get to this weekend...
"Father, look how the sunshine illuminates the grass! Thank You that I have my own yard to mow!"
Here we go again...into the traffic on the way to work...
"Lord God, thank You for this car and for the job that You have blessed me with. Please help me follow Your lead and to be a blessing there today."

Monday morning...again. If I pay attention, there are far more reasons to praise God and thank Him for "another Monday morning..." than there are reasons to dread it. Even if it takes a second of study, it is worth it.

Another Monday morning,
what possibility!
Open eyes and behold
the wonders that would be!
The glory of His majesty,
the glow of His creation!
All availed to such as we
through that love-relation!

Another Monday morning?
But never is the same!
Every day is new in Him
Who gives us a new name!
He is within, without, He is,
and constantly alive!
He is the lone assurance You'll,
in victory, arrive!

"Another Monday morning..."
the world, it would dread;
but You're a child of the King
with glory, joy unsaid!
Reflect Him in Your Monday so that
everyone would know
the life abundant, everlasting
God would sure bestow!

The first Friday of the week!
Live in such a way that that God can reach others through you!

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