Sunday, May 29, 2011


Memorial--so deep in heart,
etched in stone...
too many, the departed,
so many left alone...
But not without the honor due
be them that are no longer,
commemorate their lives do we,
making us the stronger.

He gave his all for country...
she gave her all for world...
they gave their all in service,
let honor be unfurled!
Recall them with thanksgiving,
call out their names with pride!
Remember them as they touch each
emotion deep inside.

Memorials exist within
each family alive.
Unto one day our unity
may finally arrive.
And we are bound together by
the blood that they have shed;
may therefore be our gratitude
to Him Who also bled.

We owe so much to them for whom this day is set apart.
Do not let an opportunity pass this day to remember them and be very grateful to be an American!

In HIS Service,
Jim Busby

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