Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Holy Place

Again, the Holy Place;
overwhelming grace;
His Presence is so real:

Jesus, so alive,
He makes me to arrive
in that Holy Place
where He abides in grace!

How often is the Holy Place?
How many take the time?
In our service to our God
our presence here is prime!
It takes a little longer,
it takes sacrifice;
but the benefits herein,
they are worth any price!

Find the Holy Place!
Seek His very face!
For Jesus will be found,
and His grace will abound!

Have you taken the time to be here?
You know the answer to that question.
God knows the answer to that question!
Don't let anything in this life embezzle you of this time, of this Place!
Nothing is worth missing this ultimate of fellowship!

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