Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

That's for you, momma! I so appreciate you. You have invested so much in me. I want the world to know how special you are.
This is only one way to do it!

So many years to sacrifice
for the good of us;
So many reasons have you to
resist and raise a fuss!
But no. You press on, even yet
sacrificing much
so that my wife, myself, my kids
can know your giving touch!

So many years of sacrifice
for the good of many!
Ask her about regrets, she'll say
that she has not any!
So many know her "mother's touch"
beyond her flesh-and-blood,
emotions this life has of her,
they come on like a flood!

So many years of sacrifice--
they yet continue on...
The love that we possess for you,
it never will be gone!
We celebrate you, momma, this day
and so many other!
So fortunate this writer for
to proudly call you "Mother."

Yes, as the verses proclaim, I am so blessed to call you my mother! Thank You for so many years of life, abundant life!
I thank God daily for you as I pray for you.
You are a wonderful blessing, momma!

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