Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The wonderful works of God!
How hard must you look to behold the wonderful works of God?
Do you set out in the day to get things done so that you can have time to look?
Someone told me the other day that they did not have time to look at God or His goodness because they had so much to do.
I would remind them that they can observe God and His handiwork WHILE they go about doing what must be done. In fact, God desires to be part of that which we daily do...a MAJOR part!
Look for Him during those eight hours...they will fly by!
Look for Him in those with whom you work...He will surprise you!
Invite Him even into the car as you travel to work and back...He is more than willing to listen!
Invite Him to that that that___________
God wants to be part of all of your day...not just some time allotment when you have time!
God is so good!
Invite Him and His goodness into ALL that you do. Nothing is too menial.

Oh God, You are so good, and You
are part of all of me!
There is nothing I can do
away from You to be!
You see the work that I must do
and You are right beside;
I know success because Your Presence
with me does abide!
I enjoy Your Presence; I
desire, Lord, the same.
You cause success to be mine,
oh, bless Your mighty Name!
I am highly favored as
I go about the day,
and it is due the workings of
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

In the morning, I used to present my list to God and ask Him to go with me. Now, I ask God about His list and ask if I can go with Him!
Whatever your day holds, look for God and ways to include Him in it.

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