Sunday, May 22, 2011

God is present!

Once again, the music of the morning
wafts through trees that stretch with all their might...
they reach toward the One Who breathes upon them
and squirm as if to giggle with delight!

And squirm as if to giggle with delight...
they cannot stand still in the Presence of Him this morning!
they must celebrate the fact that God is walking through their midst!
And I will do the same!

The music of the morning oh so vivid.
It comes from all creation if you hear!
The roses burst forth into celebration!
But only use your eyes and you will hear!
The orchestra that is upon the wing,
it resonates in notes man can't repeat!
Listen to the music of the morning,
it will help your day to be complete!

Stop. Look. Listen. That's how to find God this morning!
It only takes a moment...

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