Sunday, May 1, 2011

Foreign affair?

Let us hope not...

In peace that is so foreign
life is so restored!
Serenity is overcoming
where is Christ the Lord!
It is a place so wonderful,
it is a place so real!
It is a location that
is more than only 'feel!'
It is a place available
unto them that are able.
Escape to that location oft,
as life is so unstable!
Jesus is alive there and
He offers all invite!
But you must decide to go,
the spiritual would fight!

Blessed be that great locale
where Jesus Christ awaits!
Restoration is the gift
that He accommodates!
Come, ye weary, heavy-laden,
bring Him every care!
He is ready! He is waiting
with Your life's repair!

Go! What are you waiting for? Jesus is real and He wants you!
Lay aside Your! Take it to Jesus! He will replace it with His peace which passes all understanding!

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