Friday, May 27, 2011

For the Fallen

Thank you, families, for sharing your loved ones with us.
We share with you in the grief, the honor, the pain.
We share our prayers with you today...tomorrow...Memorial Day...always.
May we not just be aware of sacrifice on a holiday.

Memorial is coming,
it's coming around once more.
The piping and the drumming,
the orchestras to roar!
So many celebrations
and ceremonies nigh,
so many are the prayers raised
to Father God Most High!
And many the appreciations
from a poet's heart.
To aptly capture essence full,
surely I lack part!
But to impart a grace to all
my calling is secure:
words to them that gave their all
from a heart so pure.

Thank you to the fallen,
may God secure each soul...
thank You to each family
may God complete you whole...
Thank you to each one that serves
as I compose this piece,
because of your allegiance, I
can write these words in peace!

Memorial is coming,
and yet the same is here,
it's part of each American
that holds their nation dear!
It's more than just a holiday,
a way of life it be;
and we will celebrate our heroes
now and constantly!

Before...during...beyond Memorial Day.
You deserve more than just a holiday.

In HIS Service,
Jim Busby

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