Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Celebrating in the Holy Place;
reveling in God's abundant grace!
Jesus joining in our celebration!
How fortunate be all that have relation!

Celebrating in the Holy Place,
focusing completely on His face.
He smiles and returns my contemplation;
oh how bless am I to have relation!

Celebrating in the Holy Place-
what a precious refuge from the race!
From time, it is a wonderful vacation!
"Come, my friend. Establish that relation!"

Celebrating in the Holy Place
until the Trumpet Blast would come replace!
Until that grand and glorious ovation,
cultivate that ultimate relation!

Do you celebrate your relationship with Jesus?
If you look at some folks, it's almost as if their relationship is bondage. That's not what God wants!
Jesus alive inside is cause for celebration!
According to His Word, God delights in You!
Why not delight in Him?

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