Saturday, May 21, 2011


Strength is mine as I completely trust in Jesus Christ.
Peace is mine as He embraces me as I let go into Him.
Joy is mine. Joy that mere words cannot accurately capture.
Though a man of words, I am undone as He overtakes me!
Have you such a relationship as to trust this deep?
"It's scary!"
Yes, but it is so worth whatever it takes to obtain it!
Trust God completely!
He knows what is best for you...always!

"Awesome God, to You will I surrender.
The love You are is perfect...true and tender.
The peace You are is like none other known.
The greatest joy at all, it is Your own!
To You, my God, mine every way I cede.
You know my every want, my every need!
Your reserve includes each heart's desire.
Oh God, You are the greatest of Supplier!!"

Trust. Complete, unswerving trust.
Can you give it to Him?
The rewards are out of this world!
Trust me!

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