Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Behold the Glory!

The glory of His Majesty
as far as I can see!
So wonderful, the fellowship
while He is here, all Three!
The hills continue rolling...
the waters spill their song...
and I will sing unto His
Majesty forever long!

Sing unto His holiness,
sing unto His grace...
sing to Him Who gives me all
out of His only grace!
Sing His mighty power,
sing His reverent awe
sing of all in Him that nowhere
else man ever saw!

The glory of His Majesty,
creation to proclaim!
He is Lord! Jesus Christ,
o magnify His Name!
He escorts me through the land
that resonates of Him!
Every glory I behold-
He makes each one of them!

Worship Him with me, won't You?
You can't see the spectacle of what thrills me?
You will find God right there in that same place!

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