Sunday, May 29, 2011


Memorial--so deep in heart,
etched in stone...
too many, the departed,
so many left alone...
But not without the honor due
be them that are no longer,
commemorate their lives do we,
making us the stronger.

He gave his all for country...
she gave her all for world...
they gave their all in service,
let honor be unfurled!
Recall them with thanksgiving,
call out their names with pride!
Remember them as they touch each
emotion deep inside.

Memorials exist within
each family alive.
Unto one day our unity
may finally arrive.
And we are bound together by
the blood that they have shed;
may therefore be our gratitude
to Him Who also bled.

We owe so much to them for whom this day is set apart.
Do not let an opportunity pass this day to remember them and be very grateful to be an American!

In HIS Service,
Jim Busby

Friday, May 27, 2011

For the Fallen

Thank you, families, for sharing your loved ones with us.
We share with you in the grief, the honor, the pain.
We share our prayers with you today...tomorrow...Memorial Day...always.
May we not just be aware of sacrifice on a holiday.

Memorial is coming,
it's coming around once more.
The piping and the drumming,
the orchestras to roar!
So many celebrations
and ceremonies nigh,
so many are the prayers raised
to Father God Most High!
And many the appreciations
from a poet's heart.
To aptly capture essence full,
surely I lack part!
But to impart a grace to all
my calling is secure:
words to them that gave their all
from a heart so pure.

Thank you to the fallen,
may God secure each soul...
thank You to each family
may God complete you whole...
Thank you to each one that serves
as I compose this piece,
because of your allegiance, I
can write these words in peace!

Memorial is coming,
and yet the same is here,
it's part of each American
that holds their nation dear!
It's more than just a holiday,
a way of life it be;
and we will celebrate our heroes
now and constantly!

Before...during...beyond Memorial Day.
You deserve more than just a holiday.

In HIS Service,
Jim Busby

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Striving for Peace

The world is at war.
Look around. Choose your battles wisely...

That we would so defend the Cross
the way we do our land;
allegiant unto it the same,
firmly so to stand...
that we would battle sin as we
so battle over oil;
tell me, then, how much more seed
would find that fertile soil?

That such resources would be spent
showing them the Lord
and equipping them, instead,
with that Two-edged Sword!

That we would be as zealous in
defense of what HE said--
I wonder, how much more or less
blood would then be shed?

And should I even ponder a
solution on this theme?
"One people under God," would it
not be a holy scheme?!
However dubious it sounds,
soon, every knee shall bow!
Why not avoid such tribulations
and just do it now?

But I am just a poet, 'tis
a fantasy above,
to battle in another realm
for mercy, peace and love!
I will not be ignorant,
yet onward will I press
until that day when, at His sight,
His Name will I confess!

Join me, won't you? Don't leave me alone in such 'ignorance!'
There is indeed a battle.
We truly are at that is far greater than 'political!'
Fight the good fight of faith!

Not remissed!

God is so alive in our lives!
May we never miss an opportunity to declare His Presence!

Would I be remissed if I
neglected so to say
how Jesus comes nigh unto me
every single day?
But then to feel remorse and shame
(as He's mine all-in-all,)
to know that I neglected Him-
oh, but what a fall!

I shall never be remissed,
nor to bring on shame!
Forevermore will I exalt
and praise His holy Name!
Occassion never to arise
when I must repent
because, that precious time with Him,
I have never spent!

It is my lone desire to
be pleasing Him alone.
To thoughts of constant exaltation
am I ever prone!
And though, at times, I miss the mark,
caught up in other 'things,'
that blessed word "Come, enter in...."
e'er constantly so rings!

Can you hear it? Listen for it! Those inviting words are being spoken to everyone with an open heart!
Never miss an opportunity to spend time with Jesus!
Never miss an opportunity to inform how Jesus fills every part of your life!
People are listening.

Psalm 19

Psalm 19, from the Poet's Bible:

Behold, the heavens, they declare
the majesty of God!
The blessed earth displays His
handiwork upon its sod!
Even every day that passes by
so utters speech,
and every night that runs its course
does, blessed knowledge, teach.

There is no speech or language where
a voice does not arise
in homage unto Him Whose castle
is beyond the skies!
And nothing is created that
is ignorant within
of Him Who was, Who is now,
and Him Who will be then!

Indeed, in everything that is,
is majesty declared!
And there is good in everything,
this is how He prepared!
Let us observe His Presence and
lift up the praises due
the Holy One, His own Son,
the Holy Spirit, too!

All of creation testifies to the Glory of God.
All of man desires to be close to Him.
O man, let nothing rob you of a relationship with Him!

The Pillar

A Pillar of Humanity,
He walked among us all;
and though He spoke to such as we,
so lofty was His call.
Unfathomed, His obedience,
loyal to the grave;
even as a lamb went He,
my wretched soul to save!

A Pillar yet of Deity,
death could not contain!
A season there in outer darkness,
then He rose again!
Stellar in location now,
at the Father's right;
one order yet to execute,
but, oh, that blessed flight!

THE Pillar He will ever be,
matches He my stride;
every moment of the day
out there by my side!
Though a part of Godhead, yet
a peasant would He host;
of all that is known unto me,
I love Him but the most!

Who am I? Who are we to be blessed with fellowship of God? Who are we that He would not only lower Himself to walk among us, but choose us, call us, even desire to be with us?!
The Pillar. His Name is Jesus. And we are so fortunate to be loved by Him!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


In a fit of ire intense,
the dawning, it is wrought!
The eastern sky is now atinge
with proofs of whence it fought!
Wester' reaching...even groping...
fingers of the blaze;
though it stops me once again,
the moments ne'er to faze.

So another sunrise is
that He has brought about;
creation now so celebrates
unto Him with a shout!
Such life again is granted in
the rising of the sun;
and gratitude again exudes
unto the Holy One!

Another beautiful day.
Grateful for another beautiful day!
We may not have everything, we may lack quite a bit, but we are able to see the creation of another opportunity to live!
Make everything of that opportunity.

Monday, May 23, 2011

We're praying for you

There are several who subscribe to this ministry that have been affected by the violent weather of the past few days.
Thank you for keeping in touch.
You are in our hearts and our prayers. God is so able to help you recover. Please trust in His provision!
The violent weather continues here as I write this, so this note will be "short and sweet!"
Thank you for your prayers for us, and don't forget that you are in our hearts, too.

In HIS Service,
Jim & Debby

Sunday, May 22, 2011

God is present!

Once again, the music of the morning
wafts through trees that stretch with all their might...
they reach toward the One Who breathes upon them
and squirm as if to giggle with delight!

And squirm as if to giggle with delight...
they cannot stand still in the Presence of Him this morning!
they must celebrate the fact that God is walking through their midst!
And I will do the same!

The music of the morning oh so vivid.
It comes from all creation if you hear!
The roses burst forth into celebration!
But only use your eyes and you will hear!
The orchestra that is upon the wing,
it resonates in notes man can't repeat!
Listen to the music of the morning,
it will help your day to be complete!

Stop. Look. Listen. That's how to find God this morning!
It only takes a moment...

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Strength is mine as I completely trust in Jesus Christ.
Peace is mine as He embraces me as I let go into Him.
Joy is mine. Joy that mere words cannot accurately capture.
Though a man of words, I am undone as He overtakes me!
Have you such a relationship as to trust this deep?
"It's scary!"
Yes, but it is so worth whatever it takes to obtain it!
Trust God completely!
He knows what is best for you...always!

"Awesome God, to You will I surrender.
The love You are is perfect...true and tender.
The peace You are is like none other known.
The greatest joy at all, it is Your own!
To You, my God, mine every way I cede.
You know my every want, my every need!
Your reserve includes each heart's desire.
Oh God, You are the greatest of Supplier!!"

Trust. Complete, unswerving trust.
Can you give it to Him?
The rewards are out of this world!
Trust me!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Let me retain an upright stance
as I, upon my world, glance;
my favor, in Thy sight, enhance;
the tempter not to get a chance!

Yea, Lord, as I go through life,
facing joys and facing strife
together with my precious wife,
be Thy Holy Spirit rife!

Indeed, in all that does abound
let Thy servant then be sound;
blameless even to be found
standing firm on holy ground!

Yea, forever may I be
found, Lord, to be firm in Thee;
even, Lord, that men would see
that Thou art so indwelt in me!
Upon the Rock, there standing fast,
to be tempted, yet not passed;
iniquity to, outward, cast;
Thy confidence and peace to last!

Thus, indeed, mine upright stance
will be, my Father, at Thy glance,
furthering that blest romance,
our communion to enhance!


The Holy Place

Again, the Holy Place;
overwhelming grace;
His Presence is so real:

Jesus, so alive,
He makes me to arrive
in that Holy Place
where He abides in grace!

How often is the Holy Place?
How many take the time?
In our service to our God
our presence here is prime!
It takes a little longer,
it takes sacrifice;
but the benefits herein,
they are worth any price!

Find the Holy Place!
Seek His very face!
For Jesus will be found,
and His grace will abound!

Have you taken the time to be here?
You know the answer to that question.
God knows the answer to that question!
Don't let anything in this life embezzle you of this time, of this Place!
Nothing is worth missing this ultimate of fellowship!


Walking once again,
with Jesus, hand-in-hand.
Abundant is His handiwork
as I survey the land!
The proof of Him, the attestation
no man can refute!
The testimony of His Presence
would all life commute!

Walking with Him...oh the sweet
reality of God!
The birds break forth in chorus as
the sentinels applaud!
O man, exemplify Him in
the essence of your ways!
Let every work come forth from you
be radiant of praise!

No greater walk than that with Jesus
walking side-by-side!
No greater life than that which has Him
dwelling deep inside!
Reach out! Cry out for Him to come
to dwell inside the heart!
Embrace Him as you walk along
and do not ever part!

Jesus is right there next to you. Period! But you must turn and ask Him to dwell inside of you!
Go for it!!
Life will never be the same...IT WILL BE BETTER!
Does that mean you will no longer have problems? No! But You will have God Himself to go through those problems with you...and all of life! He is not there just for the problems. He wants to go through everything with you!
Please let Him!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Right There!

Again the glory of His majesty
is displayed so bold and vividly!
The color of what He creates by hand
is so explicit as I humbly stand!
And all that seems to matter for a time
is that which He's inspiring to rhyme:
the glory of what He creates by hand!
Across the deepest reaches is it spanned!

The glory of His majesty.
It is clear and present in your day.
Did you see it?
Did you even look for it?
You don't have to look for it! It's right in front of you!
All you must do is acknowledge Him!
Creator God is creating constantly. He didn't just make this beautiful place and say "That's it. I'm outta here!"
No. He created this place so that He could dwell with us.
The next time you are out in creation, remember Creator God and thank Him for the blessing of the place you are in, and the blessing of being able to see it!

Behold the Glory!

The glory of His Majesty
as far as I can see!
So wonderful, the fellowship
while He is here, all Three!
The hills continue rolling...
the waters spill their song...
and I will sing unto His
Majesty forever long!

Sing unto His holiness,
sing unto His grace...
sing to Him Who gives me all
out of His only grace!
Sing His mighty power,
sing His reverent awe
sing of all in Him that nowhere
else man ever saw!

The glory of His Majesty,
creation to proclaim!
He is Lord! Jesus Christ,
o magnify His Name!
He escorts me through the land
that resonates of Him!
Every glory I behold-
He makes each one of them!

Worship Him with me, won't You?
You can't see the spectacle of what thrills me?
You will find God right there in that same place!

Monday, May 16, 2011


How often have you ignored it?
How many times have you passed it by, only to regret it?
Join me on the tarmac as I pursue mine...

Palomar in front of me,
memories behind.
reflection on the yesterday
emotions be inclined.
The grip, though must be severed,
the future cannot wait-
it is handed to me by
my Father, good and great!

Palomar in front of me,
but not for very long.
The runway soon to see me off;
yes, listen to the song!
A song of liberation into
victories ahead;
what awesome opportunity
for the Spirit-led!

Palomar in front of me,
clearance I receive.
"Lord, please take Your seat beside me,
it's now time to leave...
Somewhere there ahead awaits
the future You ordain...
Lead me, I will follow, Lord;
with nothing to constrain!"

God has a future prepared for you, no matter who you are.
God has a plan for your life, no matter your age!
Don't let anything hold you back!

That Happy Day!

Once again, my heart to want
for, oh, that Happy Day!
The very soul of me to reach
for that Place, just away!
So many are the yearnings for
what happens in that Place,
but none so great as seeing Jesus-
oh, my King of Grace!
Finally, to see His Majesty
without an end!
He is the Son of God, He is
more close than any friend!
He is the Savior of my soul,
the Lover of my heart;
the Healer of my body,
oh my God, how great Thou art!

Once again and ever to
desire there to be!
Rejoicing in His Presence, yes,
for all eternity!
O come, ye day awaiting,
o come, my risen Lord!
Together, in that Place that only
mercy could afford!

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Will it be a happy day for you?
I know it will be a great and terrible day for some, because Jesus said that not all men would make it, only those who are born again.
What kind of day will it be for you?
Oh, I want to see Jesus!
How about you?


Monday morning...again.
"Good morning, Father God! What have you planned for me today?!"
Yardwork that I did not get to this weekend...
"Father, look how the sunshine illuminates the grass! Thank You that I have my own yard to mow!"
Here we go again...into the traffic on the way to work...
"Lord God, thank You for this car and for the job that You have blessed me with. Please help me follow Your lead and to be a blessing there today."

Monday morning...again. If I pay attention, there are far more reasons to praise God and thank Him for "another Monday morning..." than there are reasons to dread it. Even if it takes a second of study, it is worth it.

Another Monday morning,
what possibility!
Open eyes and behold
the wonders that would be!
The glory of His majesty,
the glow of His creation!
All availed to such as we
through that love-relation!

Another Monday morning?
But never is the same!
Every day is new in Him
Who gives us a new name!
He is within, without, He is,
and constantly alive!
He is the lone assurance You'll,
in victory, arrive!

"Another Monday morning..."
the world, it would dread;
but You're a child of the King
with glory, joy unsaid!
Reflect Him in Your Monday so that
everyone would know
the life abundant, everlasting
God would sure bestow!

The first Friday of the week!
Live in such a way that that God can reach others through you!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


The glory and the power
belong to One alone;
the very Same, Christ by Name,
for me would He atone!
In all of His great glory
He stoops for even me
so that His awe and spectacle
I vividly may see!
His might and His magnificence...
my sinfulness and shame...
the passion in his countenance,
none other be the same!
The tenderness of His each word,
yet such authority!
"Who am I?!" to Him I cry,
to be His custody!

The glory and the power...
the passion and the grace!
Every time I go to Him,
what sentiments I face!
"It's all good..." my spirit cries
while in the presence of

Christ, Who so epitomizes
mercy, grace and love!

Oh, the Fount of Jesus Christ's passion!
Go to that fount often! There's no limit!
Jesus welcomes your presence wherever, whenever, whomever you are!
His grace is sufficient!

Friday, May 13, 2011


The petals seem to shiver in
the morning of the spring
while the needles of the pine
softly would they sing;
in between offensives that
the elements would mount,
nature seems to take a pause,
its blessings for to count.

The storm came in its fury,
the stems are yet upright...
the birds are celebrating
as if they were kept tight...
and that which roared in fury,
is whispering so soft,
praises unto God Almighty
seem to float aloft...

In between the elements-
horizon is foreboding!
It seems as if the clouds ago
are cautiously reloading!
Savor that which is though now:
peace, so temporary;
get ready for those clouds away
and what they would carry!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The wonderful works of God!
How hard must you look to behold the wonderful works of God?
Do you set out in the day to get things done so that you can have time to look?
Someone told me the other day that they did not have time to look at God or His goodness because they had so much to do.
I would remind them that they can observe God and His handiwork WHILE they go about doing what must be done. In fact, God desires to be part of that which we daily do...a MAJOR part!
Look for Him during those eight hours...they will fly by!
Look for Him in those with whom you work...He will surprise you!
Invite Him even into the car as you travel to work and back...He is more than willing to listen!
Invite Him to that that that___________
God wants to be part of all of your day...not just some time allotment when you have time!
God is so good!
Invite Him and His goodness into ALL that you do. Nothing is too menial.

Oh God, You are so good, and You
are part of all of me!
There is nothing I can do
away from You to be!
You see the work that I must do
and You are right beside;
I know success because Your Presence
with me does abide!
I enjoy Your Presence; I
desire, Lord, the same.
You cause success to be mine,
oh, bless Your mighty Name!
I am highly favored as
I go about the day,
and it is due the workings of
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

In the morning, I used to present my list to God and ask Him to go with me. Now, I ask God about His list and ask if I can go with Him!
Whatever your day holds, look for God and ways to include Him in it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Conversation Happens

Conversation happens
as morning formulates.
How many are the verses
that the dawn dictates?
How many even have the time
to fathom such amount?
Be it time that every man
would make the time to count!

Conversation happens
in words I cannot write...
those upon the wing so early
making such delight!
My Father says "Good Morning!" in
a very special way,
showing me that life will be
so special on this day!

Conversation happens and
inspires even more.
I join in song to God Most High-
that's what I am here for!
He is worthy of all praise,
so beautiful, so real;
it is conversation one
can truly hear and feel!

Conversation happens. Get involved! It may take some listening on the hearers part, but God is speaking to You where You are.
Don't ignore Him!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

That's for you, momma! I so appreciate you. You have invested so much in me. I want the world to know how special you are.
This is only one way to do it!

So many years to sacrifice
for the good of us;
So many reasons have you to
resist and raise a fuss!
But no. You press on, even yet
sacrificing much
so that my wife, myself, my kids
can know your giving touch!

So many years of sacrifice
for the good of many!
Ask her about regrets, she'll say
that she has not any!
So many know her "mother's touch"
beyond her flesh-and-blood,
emotions this life has of her,
they come on like a flood!

So many years of sacrifice--
they yet continue on...
The love that we possess for you,
it never will be gone!
We celebrate you, momma, this day
and so many other!
So fortunate this writer for
to proudly call you "Mother."

Yes, as the verses proclaim, I am so blessed to call you my mother! Thank You for so many years of life, abundant life!
I thank God daily for you as I pray for you.
You are a wonderful blessing, momma!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

National Day of Prayer

We are a people of prayer. May we never need a 'proclamation' to prove it! May we never reach a point where mentioning, ordaining and observing this day be 'politically incorrect!'

Upon my knees before the Great Almighty
upon my face with Jesus to defend;
upon my feet by Holy Spirit power,
so is our position to the end!

Spit upon by them that would oppose us,
ridiculed by wickedness on high;
persecuted even by the 'righteous,'
yet we tender adoration nigh!

"Gather we in boldness in the open,
proclaiming You are God, in You we trust!
You are over all of this great nation,
the fact You are aware can't be discussed!
We turn, Lord, from the wickedness we savor!
In ashes, we desire to repent!
Each and every one of us is guilty!
Oh God, our ever sin may we resent!

We are a nation blessed and highly favored.
Those blessings flow from You, oh God, alone!
You do not give us all that we desire,
nor what we deserve, oh Lord, is known!
No, You are a God of grace and mercy.
And we cry out to You but EVERYDAY!
Turn us back to what You would desire.
Here we are, oh Lord, please lead the way."


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Celebrating in the Holy Place;
reveling in God's abundant grace!
Jesus joining in our celebration!
How fortunate be all that have relation!

Celebrating in the Holy Place,
focusing completely on His face.
He smiles and returns my contemplation;
oh how bless am I to have relation!

Celebrating in the Holy Place-
what a precious refuge from the race!
From time, it is a wonderful vacation!
"Come, my friend. Establish that relation!"

Celebrating in the Holy Place
until the Trumpet Blast would come replace!
Until that grand and glorious ovation,
cultivate that ultimate relation!

Do you celebrate your relationship with Jesus?
If you look at some folks, it's almost as if their relationship is bondage. That's not what God wants!
Jesus alive inside is cause for celebration!
According to His Word, God delights in You!
Why not delight in Him?

Monday, May 2, 2011


Last evening, before service, I sat in the pew with pad and pen while the Holy Spirit assembled words on my sheet.
Later, I sat in awe as Pastor Venable recounted the very message that was on that sheet!
Perhaps it is something that all of us should heed...

"O blind me until I can look
and see without my eyes!
A greater vision in this life
I've got to realize!
Show me the things that God looks at
when He observes the day.
Sanctify my vision for
the Truth, the Life, the Way.

O blind me until I can look
and see my brother's heart.
I want to see the ways I may,
God's precious gifts, impart.
I already look upon him,
help me look into!
I avail myself, oh God,
lead me in what to do!

O blind me until I can look
with vision that is real.
Compassion that is genuine,
o let me not conceal!
It is the calling of ALL men
but stable me alone
that I may stand without reproach
before Your mighty throne!

The Holy Spirit is real.
If you allow, He will direct your day in such a way that you come into contact with those who need Jesus. They are everywhere!
However, you must determine and decide to follow the Leader. I promise you, that lead will take you to places you never thought of going!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Foreign affair?

Let us hope not...

In peace that is so foreign
life is so restored!
Serenity is overcoming
where is Christ the Lord!
It is a place so wonderful,
it is a place so real!
It is a location that
is more than only 'feel!'
It is a place available
unto them that are able.
Escape to that location oft,
as life is so unstable!
Jesus is alive there and
He offers all invite!
But you must decide to go,
the spiritual would fight!

Blessed be that great locale
where Jesus Christ awaits!
Restoration is the gift
that He accommodates!
Come, ye weary, heavy-laden,
bring Him every care!
He is ready! He is waiting
with Your life's repair!

Go! What are you waiting for? Jesus is real and He wants you!
Lay aside Your! Take it to Jesus! He will replace it with His peace which passes all understanding!