Saturday, April 9, 2011

What's new?

How many years ago to sit
with prostitutes and kings?
How far back must we go
to overlook such things?
"I can't go pray for HER! What will
the elders have to say?!"
If someone sees me go 'in there'
there might be hell to pay!

How long will we let 'attitudes'
dictate ministry?
Did God consider such when He
came and rescued me?
No, He came into that place
where 'righteousness' was rare,
came over to my table, smiled,
and sat down in a chair!

I do not hear "What if..." "But wait!"
when life is from the heart.
With grace and understanding does
that conversation start.
And if I cannot sit with those
with whom He dines as yet,
the greatest calling in this life
I might as well forget.

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