Friday, April 22, 2011

Wanting Answers...

Wanting answers...waiting...listening...
looking around at the throngs that are just as anxious...
Jesus told us about many listened?

In the silence of the Saturday.
It hurts so badly, but Sunday's on its way!
The hours between death and life drag on!
How many really thought He would be gone?!
He told this to us. Now we see it plain.
Did we take His words with but a grain?
Before is Sunday all across the land,
so many things we cannot understand!

The eve before the morning He arose.
So very many issues no one knows!
The 'leaders' unto whom we are to look,
now gloat the One they say profaned their book!!
Are there any answers to be found?
If so, no one is making any sound!
How can one make sense of this event?
All of life's emotions are as spent.

In the silence of the Saturday...
What on earth is Heaven to convey?
Is there life to be from life that was?
Jesus Christ gave life, and He still does!

Do you have questions? Jesus Christ is THE Answer!
What are you doing today?
If you are looking for answers, I'd love to hear from you!

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