Thursday, April 28, 2011


So grateful is this man that God and His ways are not dependent on the elements!
God is God no matter what happens, and He is available before, during and after the storm.
No matter how bad the storm is, He is right there with us.
Though objects may be swirling around in the room you are in, He is right there with you!
Yes, I've been there. There will be a morning filled with sunshine! Trust Him!

Blessed be the life that is
alive and oh so new!
Sunlight glistens on the drops
of early morning dew.
Peace is on the rise as morning
formulates once more...
why not give glory unto God?
That's what we are made for!

Glory to God!
He is the Maker of the morning...good or bad!
The Bible says "...the Lord gives, the Lord takes away...blessed be the Name of the Lord!"
I don't know how much you lost in the storm. I don't know yet the extent of what we may have lost in the storm!
I DO know that God is right here with us and He will help us to recover.
Join me in trusting Him.

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