Thursday, April 21, 2011

Soldier Easter

Easter in another place,
home so far away...
Traditions held so very dear
will not have their way...
"Loved ones" are not present as
the term would so apply,
yet, all about, by ones upon whom
living would rely!

Easter in another place,
but hearts be there, as well!
"You are in our prayers!" If but
there was a way to tell!
Oh may they 'feel' the petitions
raised on their behalf;
may we pray they spend their Easter
with meal, song and laugh!

Easter in another place,
so foreign, far away...
reality be present in
the Truth, the Life, the Way.
Jesus Christ be just as real
no matter the location;
and the same truth be about:
What is heart-relation?

Easter in another place,
oh, but Truth remains!
Jesus is alive beyond
the lies, the truth, the pain!
He offers yet relationship
past Who or what or where!
"Christ the Lord is risen!" Shout it
even over there!

Are you serving this country this Easter? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
Do you have a friend or family serving this Easter? Please give them our thanks!!
Please let them know that we are grateful and we pray that they have an enjoyable Resurrection day!
Thank you.

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