Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seven Days

Seven days away from life,
what shall they contain?
One week until life will be...
how can it bear the pain?!
Of course, the week ahead is known
because He is all-knowing;
He sees each day with clarity,
yet, boldly forward, going!

Seven days. Known to One-
the only One to pay.
Jesus Christ is well aware,
the Truth, the Life, the Way.
One week to deal with all that I
would cause Him in this life--
the multitude of my transgression,
ignorance and strife!

Seven days...but will I turn away
where He goes on?
The persecution, tumult, betrayal rises,
is the passion gone?!
My worship and my dedication
strengthening the week?
Looking into each of our hearts,
what does Jesus seek?

Seven days. I will not be
the cause of Jesus' tears!
Before the rocks cry out, He will
receive my fervent cheers!
I cannot hold my peace due all
that He is going through!
I have to share the love of Jesus
with such souls as you!

Seven days. What do they mean to you? What WILL they mean to you?

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