Friday, April 22, 2011

The Servant

'Technological advances...'
The 'finest,' most effective techniques of the day...
The most 'refined' means to accomplish a task...
Is this what was afforded our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

Of course you remember the movie a few years back "The Passion of the Christ?"
They used the most effective, most advanced forms of torture upon His body.
They did not simply kill Jesus. They made sure that He felt the pain. They made sure that He felt the anger. They made sure that it was a very slow death...
Good Friday. Good Friday? GOOD Friday?!
What's so good about it?!
I can't hardly bear to think of what Jesus went through.
It hurts to even reflect upon what He endured...

Oppressed and afflicted,
silent to remain.
For to be obedient
must He bear the pain.
Taken from the prison.
From judgment, far removed.
For to so declare His
generation we're behooved!

Cut off from the living,
stricken for mankind;
entombed among the wicked-
in such, this man to find!
At death, though, with the wealthy,
as sin He did not know;
thus could He, to His Father,
for my transgressions, go.

The Servant, He is passive,
His Deity avowed.
it had to be allowed!
Else then would we all be
most miserable of men;
indebted am I ever,
for I am born again!

Forever indebted.
It is a debt that cannot be repaid.
Perhaps that is why God gives salvation to us as a gift.
Perhaps it is called "good" Friday because Sunday is only two days away?

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