Friday, April 8, 2011


Life anew is plenty rife now: trees are almost fully dressed... grounds are ready to mow... those places that are never touched by mowers are developing shades of hue that cause memories... those upon the wing are in abundance and replete with songs that are afresh! But it is seasonal. Life is abounding, however, one that is not 'seasonal!' God is alive within, without, in and around, and He is constant! Look... I see Him in the buds that are
awaiting for to bloom...

I see Him in the flowers that

emit such sweet perfume...

I see Him in the trees that dance

with, oh the slightest breeze...

I see Him in the birds that frolic

in the limbs with ease!

Seasonal? Not really. Beautiful? ABSOLUTELY! Visible? That is completely up to you. What will you choose to see today?

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