Saturday, April 16, 2011


Our God is surely able to guide and guard better than anyone or anything!
Do you trust Him?
Do you even know Him?

"You are God and You are able,
able more than all
to carry me, to capture me,
to keep me from the fall!
I cast myself into Your grace,
from reason, so apart,
and You receive me as I am
and tie me to Your heart!

You are God and You are able,
and so far beyond!
Exceedingly, abundantly,
into me is Your bond!
Greater is the love You have, Your
EVERYTHING is greater!
I desire, oh my God,
to be participator!!"

God is so real! He provides life in Jesus and desires YOU to participate!
Jesus went through this next week so that You CAN participate!
Don't just "sit on the sidelines!"

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