Monday, April 25, 2011

The Morning After...

Who has believed our report?
Who will possibly accept such audacious words as "He is alive again?"
And today, April 25, 2011, folks still reject this very truth!
The torture is refuted...
His physical death is rejected...
the empty tomb is denied...
and those of us who cling to such truths and cast our hope into them fully are viewed as fanatics!
Are you with me?

The world, it is yet astir
from yesterday's events...
Jesus Christ rose from the dead-
who shall we convince?
He sends us into all the world

His truths to freely share,
but we go not alone,
the Holy Spirit will be there!

The Spirit goes ahead of us
preparing every heart.
Those whom He has chosen,
they already have a start!
Each has an appointed time,
destiny is sure;
they must take Jesus in their hearts
if they are to endure!

Who will take His words to heart,
repent, be born again?
Jesus Christ-the One escape
out of the jail of sin!
Here the words of this fanatic
as I write to you!
While there is yet time, make sure
your heart, to Him, is true!

Who has believed our report?
I pray to God that you have!!
I can't make you believe. The Holy Spirit can and will...if you let Him!

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