Monday, April 18, 2011

Life and Death...AND LIFE!

How glorious, the violence...
how beautiful, the death...
how priceless be the carnage that
assures eternal breath!

And wonderful, the blessing that
He chose to love us each.
Into the hearts and minds and souls
continues He to reach!
Distance cannot be a factor
of His perfect love,
it is raining without limit
from His throne above!

So glorious is Jesus,
regardless of the path...
so beautiful is He, in spite
of the fruits of wrath!
Man to have his way, but God
to use it for His own-
in the glory of His Son
our victory is known!

Jesus Christ, the Lord!
Body, soul and spirit, in Him
all to be restored!

All to be restored.
Jesus Christ is life!
Jesus Christ is new life...constantly!
He went through all that He did so that we would not have to!
He died for us. May we live for Him.

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