Saturday, April 30, 2011


So many issues to be dealt with, but the most important issue is the Blood.
Get back to the basics.
So many 'issues,' but lay aside those issues OFTEN and just spend time with Jesus!
Alone time.
Private time.
Quality time.
There are too many 'things' to embezzle us of time.
And now that we all have a computers and cell phones to take us wherever we want to go whenever, we are almost 'addicted' to them.
If I shut everything out and be alone with God, I get tremors! I go into withdrawals!!

"Time alone with You, oh God.
To such I must return!
That quiet time, just You and I,
oh how did I unlearn?
Computers You have blessed me with,
devices that we own,
it seems they have me in surveillance
when we are alone.
I need to go away from here,
leave all of this behind;
Is there a place that, only You
and I, could this man find?
And what about the rest of them,
could that same place be found
where is not any interference?
Oh, what holy ground!

You and I alone, Lord. It is
possible, I know!
And I will savor it, if I
must force myself to go!
These tools, for they are precious in
the ministry You bless;
help me to use them properly,
and so avert a mess!"

Addicted to "things."
I know that you and I are not...
but I do know some folks that are. We MUST have time ALONE with God.
He will do His part. Will you show up?

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