Friday, April 29, 2011

In the Beginning...

In the searching of the morning
promises are made.
Darkness to surrender and
into the morrow fade...
The glory and the majesty
are present in the new,
and Jesus comes to visit in
the early morning dew!
Oh, the peace and Presence of
the very Son of God!
The all celebration His
great glories to applaud!
He is worthy, He is holy,
He is everything!
He is the cause that, all of life,
would open to and sing!

In the searching of the morning,
majesty is found,
and unto Him alone we make
that joyful , glorious sound!
Jesus come to guide the day

as we request His will,
Jesus come to join us, oh,
the end of time until!

Jesus is here.
Did you invite Him to participate in your day?
Oh, He'll be there! But there is such a joy, a relief, an expectation in knowing that He will be more than just present, He will be a major part and participant of it!
Ask Him to!

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