Monday, April 4, 2011

"Good" Morning?

In the morning of the day
Creator Jesus comes my way.
The radiance that He contains
obscures my very many stains.
For in the Presence of The King
I am cleansed of everything!
And there I stand in beauty fair
due Him with glory 'yond compare!
The morning of the day, therefore,
to turn to silence that would roar!
Jesus Christ alone appear
and there be only glory near:
a newer glory to the place...
a greater life upon my face...
a more abundant living all
with His grace about me fall!

Oh, the morning of the day
with Him-the Truth, the Life, the Way!
No other start be sought by living-
Jesus--life, and life so giving!

"Good" morning? It is with Jesus alive in your heart!
"Good" morning? For some, it is only a hope to which they cling, because the pain is so bad!
If it is a "good" morning for you, remember Who it is that is good, and don't forget to pray for those who are not having such a good one.

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