Monday, April 25, 2011

Go unto all the world...

Each one of us are called to serve.
It's not just the Pastors...
It's not just the Sunday School teachers...
It's not just the job of __________...
Every one of us have been commissioned by Jesus Christ to spread the Good News!
What are we doing about it?

Have I the courage to cry out
"Oh search my heart, my Lord!
Try the workings of my life
to see what they afford.
I have the keys to the Kingdom,
but can others tell?
I must have these answers, Lord,
lest they wind up in Hell!

I must have these answers!
Oh Father, search me out!
I've got to reach out to the ones
inside the jail of doubt!
That firm assurance that resides
inside the Blood alone
I will relate to everyman,
Your victory be known!

I know the answer! I have courage!
Send me, I will go!
The leading of the Holy Spirit
firmly would I know!
The harvest is in front of me,
Your victory, my wake!
Each endeavor for Your glory
would this servant take!

"Here am I, Lord. Send me."

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