Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Final 'Fault'

Praise the Mighty Name of JESUS!!

The glory of His Majesty is without comparison!

The poet even struggles to capture it in verse.

The splendor of the One Who died for me-

is it too great for terminology?

Such to be dilemma one time more...
who be up to such challenge as before?

Dare any man attempt for to embrace

the glory and the majesty of Grace?

But even the most learned has a quest-

will that which be composed turn out so blessed?

"Glory, splendor, majesty so grand!"

Will we ever come to understand

the fullness of the One that we exalt,

or will it only be the final fault?

The final fault: being unable to fully comprehend God.

I guess it will be my 'handicap' forever!

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