Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Faces in the Crowd

The crowds are roaring "CRUCIFY!!"
Is my own voice heard?
Lies and accusations fly,
do I say a word?
Reviling even comes from them,
what has this man said?
Will I get caught up in 'emotion,'
or be real instead?

in anger, voices swell!
I will take a stand for Him,
but will my actions tell?
I will take a stand for Christ
but will it be with heart?
Will I speak? Will I defend
that life He would impart?

But how can this be real?!
He's lost so much blood! Beaten so!
How can He even feel?!
Yet somehow, His eyes catch mine,
inaction finds me out-
known be all my questions,
insecurities and doubt.

listen to the years...
Cry out for Jesus! He's alive!
Defy the shame and fears!!
Boldly live for Him Who lives
that life would be your own!
Stand up for the only One
who's able to atone!

Are you going to stand out in the crowd?

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