Monday, April 18, 2011

Coming up...

Mother's Day, 2011, coming up...Praise the Lord!
Does that mean mom has any less honor on the other 364 days? I hope not. That would be criminal!
My mother certainly does! I am so very blessed to still have my mom!
Coming up: I will cause her to be a great-grandmother in a few months!
I certainly pray that she makes it to the point that she can share her wonderful self with my grandkids!
Coming up: a manifestation of the 5th Commandment: Honor your mother!
She was 'less than honorable' to you growing up? Be thankful that she at least chose life for you. Too many children are being denied that blessing these days.
But I do not have to be 'commanded' to love my mother. It is a privilege!
Happy Mother's Day, mom. You deserve honor!


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