Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The Buffalo River.

Remember, the last post on this website?
Recall how peaceful and serene it was to dwell upon its banks?
I tell you what. Just read those words. Stay home and away from those banks today!
Even Buffalo have a temper!
The river is so high and rapid right now that those words do not apply at all!
STAY AWAY! Law enforcement is preventing folks from even going near the river!
The storms in this area have been so bad and so repetitive that the river is very hazardous!
The Buffalo River. Again.
This time,

"Peril is upon us, Father!
Danger is about!
The storms that are, they are so bad
that some are having doubt!
Doubt about your Being,
doubt about Your care!
It is up to those of Yours,
Your custody to share!

Your beautiful creation,
a weapon has become!!
Weather is an issue, Lord,
with tragedy the sum!!
We turn to You for mercy, Father,
Your covering we need!
O calm the atmosphere, oh God,
the elements recede!!

You are God. You are greater
far than any storm!
You say 'Let there be...' oh Lord,
and so does living form!
We repent. We stand before You.
Let Your mercy rain!
Wrap Your Presence all around
that there be no more pain.

In JESUS' Name,

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