Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blows of life

Whispers hard that none may see
dance with every tired tree
as birds of several catagory
write another vesper story.
In the breeze that is quite able,
God approaches on the table
offering His open hand
to any that receive command.
Them that listen to His voice
are given cause for to rejoice
as He completes them, every One,
as they receive His only Son!

Thus, as whispers, hard or soft,
are spoken low or high aloft,
standing firm can surely be
in Jesus--our Security!

Are the winds at work in your life?
Do the gusts seem to blow against you?
Get to know the One Who creates the wind, and He will seal You in His love...
a love that contains all you need to conquer!
THE LOVE that is all you need to conquer!
God has that kind of love. Ask for it!

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