Saturday, April 30, 2011


So many issues to be dealt with, but the most important issue is the Blood.
Get back to the basics.
So many 'issues,' but lay aside those issues OFTEN and just spend time with Jesus!
Alone time.
Private time.
Quality time.
There are too many 'things' to embezzle us of time.
And now that we all have a computers and cell phones to take us wherever we want to go whenever, we are almost 'addicted' to them.
If I shut everything out and be alone with God, I get tremors! I go into withdrawals!!

"Time alone with You, oh God.
To such I must return!
That quiet time, just You and I,
oh how did I unlearn?
Computers You have blessed me with,
devices that we own,
it seems they have me in surveillance
when we are alone.
I need to go away from here,
leave all of this behind;
Is there a place that, only You
and I, could this man find?
And what about the rest of them,
could that same place be found
where is not any interference?
Oh, what holy ground!

You and I alone, Lord. It is
possible, I know!
And I will savor it, if I
must force myself to go!
These tools, for they are precious in
the ministry You bless;
help me to use them properly,
and so avert a mess!"

Addicted to "things."
I know that you and I are not...
but I do know some folks that are. We MUST have time ALONE with God.
He will do His part. Will you show up?

Friday, April 29, 2011

In the Beginning...

In the searching of the morning
promises are made.
Darkness to surrender and
into the morrow fade...
The glory and the majesty
are present in the new,
and Jesus comes to visit in
the early morning dew!
Oh, the peace and Presence of
the very Son of God!
The all celebration His
great glories to applaud!
He is worthy, He is holy,
He is everything!
He is the cause that, all of life,
would open to and sing!

In the searching of the morning,
majesty is found,
and unto Him alone we make
that joyful , glorious sound!
Jesus come to guide the day

as we request His will,
Jesus come to join us, oh,
the end of time until!

Jesus is here.
Did you invite Him to participate in your day?
Oh, He'll be there! But there is such a joy, a relief, an expectation in knowing that He will be more than just present, He will be a major part and participant of it!
Ask Him to!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


So grateful is this man that God and His ways are not dependent on the elements!
God is God no matter what happens, and He is available before, during and after the storm.
No matter how bad the storm is, He is right there with us.
Though objects may be swirling around in the room you are in, He is right there with you!
Yes, I've been there. There will be a morning filled with sunshine! Trust Him!

Blessed be the life that is
alive and oh so new!
Sunlight glistens on the drops
of early morning dew.
Peace is on the rise as morning
formulates once more...
why not give glory unto God?
That's what we are made for!

Glory to God!
He is the Maker of the morning...good or bad!
The Bible says "...the Lord gives, the Lord takes away...blessed be the Name of the Lord!"
I don't know how much you lost in the storm. I don't know yet the extent of what we may have lost in the storm!
I DO know that God is right here with us and He will help us to recover.
Join me in trusting Him.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The Buffalo River.

Remember, the last post on this website?
Recall how peaceful and serene it was to dwell upon its banks?
I tell you what. Just read those words. Stay home and away from those banks today!
Even Buffalo have a temper!
The river is so high and rapid right now that those words do not apply at all!
STAY AWAY! Law enforcement is preventing folks from even going near the river!
The storms in this area have been so bad and so repetitive that the river is very hazardous!
The Buffalo River. Again.
This time,

"Peril is upon us, Father!
Danger is about!
The storms that are, they are so bad
that some are having doubt!
Doubt about your Being,
doubt about Your care!
It is up to those of Yours,
Your custody to share!

Your beautiful creation,
a weapon has become!!
Weather is an issue, Lord,
with tragedy the sum!!
We turn to You for mercy, Father,
Your covering we need!
O calm the atmosphere, oh God,
the elements recede!!

You are God. You are greater
far than any storm!
You say 'Let there be...' oh Lord,
and so does living form!
We repent. We stand before You.
Let Your mercy rain!
Wrap Your Presence all around
that there be no more pain.

In JESUS' Name,

Monday, April 25, 2011

Buffalo River

Once again, the current speaks
to them that would receive.
How many be there to interpret
April in the eve?
Whispers of the majesty
constantly created
remind of just how fortunate
that I participated!

Buffalo upon the move,
taking life alive;
depositing sweet memories
into the vault that I've...

The current is to ramble on
due the generation;
man to have a hand in the
Creator's great creation!
Altering the landscape in
a way of awesome power,
and God to use it to amaze
at the appointed hour!

Buffalo upon the move-
life, and so unique;
feel the power of creation,
listen to it speak...

The Buffalo River.
Lay aside your burden and make time to dwell upon the banks...
Your reward awaits!

Go unto all the world...

Each one of us are called to serve.
It's not just the Pastors...
It's not just the Sunday School teachers...
It's not just the job of __________...
Every one of us have been commissioned by Jesus Christ to spread the Good News!
What are we doing about it?

Have I the courage to cry out
"Oh search my heart, my Lord!
Try the workings of my life
to see what they afford.
I have the keys to the Kingdom,
but can others tell?
I must have these answers, Lord,
lest they wind up in Hell!

I must have these answers!
Oh Father, search me out!
I've got to reach out to the ones
inside the jail of doubt!
That firm assurance that resides
inside the Blood alone
I will relate to everyman,
Your victory be known!

I know the answer! I have courage!
Send me, I will go!
The leading of the Holy Spirit
firmly would I know!
The harvest is in front of me,
Your victory, my wake!
Each endeavor for Your glory
would this servant take!

"Here am I, Lord. Send me."

The Morning After...

Who has believed our report?
Who will possibly accept such audacious words as "He is alive again?"
And today, April 25, 2011, folks still reject this very truth!
The torture is refuted...
His physical death is rejected...
the empty tomb is denied...
and those of us who cling to such truths and cast our hope into them fully are viewed as fanatics!
Are you with me?

The world, it is yet astir
from yesterday's events...
Jesus Christ rose from the dead-
who shall we convince?
He sends us into all the world

His truths to freely share,
but we go not alone,
the Holy Spirit will be there!

The Spirit goes ahead of us
preparing every heart.
Those whom He has chosen,
they already have a start!
Each has an appointed time,
destiny is sure;
they must take Jesus in their hearts
if they are to endure!

Who will take His words to heart,
repent, be born again?
Jesus Christ-the One escape
out of the jail of sin!
Here the words of this fanatic
as I write to you!
While there is yet time, make sure
your heart, to Him, is true!

Who has believed our report?
I pray to God that you have!!
I can't make you believe. The Holy Spirit can and will...if you let Him!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Truths

The grave, for it is empty;
the earth gives up her first!
The chains are rent asunder!
The curse, it is reversed!
Oh Easter celebration-
Life to those alive!
Due Father God's abundant love,
we shall one day arrive!

Oh, the excitement of Easter! Do you know it? Can you feel it?!

The grave, for it is empty!
The stone is rolled away!!
Jesus is alive again!
O happy, happy day!
Realize reality-
invite Him in your heart!
life that will forever live
to you will He impart!

Easter is life!
Yes, I am excited! Jesus is alive again and death is DEAD!
Are you with me?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter, 2011

Though a poet may have an arsenal of words and phrases, these be some of the most profound, hopeful AND beautiful:


Happy Resurrection Day to you and yours!
Celebrate the new life that Jesus is this Easter and everyday!

In HIS Service,
Jim Busby

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wanting Answers...

Wanting answers...waiting...listening...
looking around at the throngs that are just as anxious...
Jesus told us about many listened?

In the silence of the Saturday.
It hurts so badly, but Sunday's on its way!
The hours between death and life drag on!
How many really thought He would be gone?!
He told this to us. Now we see it plain.
Did we take His words with but a grain?
Before is Sunday all across the land,
so many things we cannot understand!

The eve before the morning He arose.
So very many issues no one knows!
The 'leaders' unto whom we are to look,
now gloat the One they say profaned their book!!
Are there any answers to be found?
If so, no one is making any sound!
How can one make sense of this event?
All of life's emotions are as spent.

In the silence of the Saturday...
What on earth is Heaven to convey?
Is there life to be from life that was?
Jesus Christ gave life, and He still does!

Do you have questions? Jesus Christ is THE Answer!
What are you doing today?
If you are looking for answers, I'd love to hear from you!

The Servant

'Technological advances...'
The 'finest,' most effective techniques of the day...
The most 'refined' means to accomplish a task...
Is this what was afforded our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

Of course you remember the movie a few years back "The Passion of the Christ?"
They used the most effective, most advanced forms of torture upon His body.
They did not simply kill Jesus. They made sure that He felt the pain. They made sure that He felt the anger. They made sure that it was a very slow death...
Good Friday. Good Friday? GOOD Friday?!
What's so good about it?!
I can't hardly bear to think of what Jesus went through.
It hurts to even reflect upon what He endured...

Oppressed and afflicted,
silent to remain.
For to be obedient
must He bear the pain.
Taken from the prison.
From judgment, far removed.
For to so declare His
generation we're behooved!

Cut off from the living,
stricken for mankind;
entombed among the wicked-
in such, this man to find!
At death, though, with the wealthy,
as sin He did not know;
thus could He, to His Father,
for my transgressions, go.

The Servant, He is passive,
His Deity avowed.
it had to be allowed!
Else then would we all be
most miserable of men;
indebted am I ever,
for I am born again!

Forever indebted.
It is a debt that cannot be repaid.
Perhaps that is why God gives salvation to us as a gift.
Perhaps it is called "good" Friday because Sunday is only two days away?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Soldier Easter

Easter in another place,
home so far away...
Traditions held so very dear
will not have their way...
"Loved ones" are not present as
the term would so apply,
yet, all about, by ones upon whom
living would rely!

Easter in another place,
but hearts be there, as well!
"You are in our prayers!" If but
there was a way to tell!
Oh may they 'feel' the petitions
raised on their behalf;
may we pray they spend their Easter
with meal, song and laugh!

Easter in another place,
so foreign, far away...
reality be present in
the Truth, the Life, the Way.
Jesus Christ be just as real
no matter the location;
and the same truth be about:
What is heart-relation?

Easter in another place,
oh, but Truth remains!
Jesus is alive beyond
the lies, the truth, the pain!
He offers yet relationship
past Who or what or where!
"Christ the Lord is risen!" Shout it
even over there!

Are you serving this country this Easter? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
Do you have a friend or family serving this Easter? Please give them our thanks!!
Please let them know that we are grateful and we pray that they have an enjoyable Resurrection day!
Thank you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Faces in the Crowd

The crowds are roaring "CRUCIFY!!"
Is my own voice heard?
Lies and accusations fly,
do I say a word?
Reviling even comes from them,
what has this man said?
Will I get caught up in 'emotion,'
or be real instead?

in anger, voices swell!
I will take a stand for Him,
but will my actions tell?
I will take a stand for Christ
but will it be with heart?
Will I speak? Will I defend
that life He would impart?

But how can this be real?!
He's lost so much blood! Beaten so!
How can He even feel?!
Yet somehow, His eyes catch mine,
inaction finds me out-
known be all my questions,
insecurities and doubt.

listen to the years...
Cry out for Jesus! He's alive!
Defy the shame and fears!!
Boldly live for Him Who lives
that life would be your own!
Stand up for the only One
who's able to atone!

Are you going to stand out in the crowd?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Life and Death...AND LIFE!

How glorious, the violence...
how beautiful, the death...
how priceless be the carnage that
assures eternal breath!

And wonderful, the blessing that
He chose to love us each.
Into the hearts and minds and souls
continues He to reach!
Distance cannot be a factor
of His perfect love,
it is raining without limit
from His throne above!

So glorious is Jesus,
regardless of the path...
so beautiful is He, in spite
of the fruits of wrath!
Man to have his way, but God
to use it for His own-
in the glory of His Son
our victory is known!

Jesus Christ, the Lord!
Body, soul and spirit, in Him
all to be restored!

All to be restored.
Jesus Christ is life!
Jesus Christ is new life...constantly!
He went through all that He did so that we would not have to!
He died for us. May we live for Him.

Coming up...

Mother's Day, 2011, coming up...Praise the Lord!
Does that mean mom has any less honor on the other 364 days? I hope not. That would be criminal!
My mother certainly does! I am so very blessed to still have my mom!
Coming up: I will cause her to be a great-grandmother in a few months!
I certainly pray that she makes it to the point that she can share her wonderful self with my grandkids!
Coming up: a manifestation of the 5th Commandment: Honor your mother!
She was 'less than honorable' to you growing up? Be thankful that she at least chose life for you. Too many children are being denied that blessing these days.
But I do not have to be 'commanded' to love my mother. It is a privilege!
Happy Mother's Day, mom. You deserve honor!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seven Days

Seven days away from life,
what shall they contain?
One week until life will be...
how can it bear the pain?!
Of course, the week ahead is known
because He is all-knowing;
He sees each day with clarity,
yet, boldly forward, going!

Seven days. Known to One-
the only One to pay.
Jesus Christ is well aware,
the Truth, the Life, the Way.
One week to deal with all that I
would cause Him in this life--
the multitude of my transgression,
ignorance and strife!

Seven days...but will I turn away
where He goes on?
The persecution, tumult, betrayal rises,
is the passion gone?!
My worship and my dedication
strengthening the week?
Looking into each of our hearts,
what does Jesus seek?

Seven days. I will not be
the cause of Jesus' tears!
Before the rocks cry out, He will
receive my fervent cheers!
I cannot hold my peace due all
that He is going through!
I have to share the love of Jesus
with such souls as you!

Seven days. What do they mean to you? What WILL they mean to you?

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Our God is surely able to guide and guard better than anyone or anything!
Do you trust Him?
Do you even know Him?

"You are God and You are able,
able more than all
to carry me, to capture me,
to keep me from the fall!
I cast myself into Your grace,
from reason, so apart,
and You receive me as I am
and tie me to Your heart!

You are God and You are able,
and so far beyond!
Exceedingly, abundantly,
into me is Your bond!
Greater is the love You have, Your
EVERYTHING is greater!
I desire, oh my God,
to be participator!!"

God is so real! He provides life in Jesus and desires YOU to participate!
Jesus went through this next week so that You CAN participate!
Don't just "sit on the sidelines!"

Friday, April 15, 2011

Moving On

"Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world."
I so cling to the comfort that such truth holds...even this morning.
The storms came overnight. Pain remains. Lives were lost. Healing is happening even as I write...

So many things cannot be understood.
"How can such as this be used for good?!"
Don't tell me I will "understand in time..."
Listen to the numbers as they climb...

For there in One to understand it all,
He is the One Who gives us each a call.
Only God can answer at this time,
sorting out the reason and the rhyme.
Into His grace alone we now must turn,
and let the bridge us freely burn.
There is life ahead beyond this storm,
and newer be the days that wait to form!

So many things we cannot understand-
it is those things we place in to His hand
and leave them there for Him to sort them out;
'moving on' is what it's all about!

Healing happens. Repair happens. Loss is eventually accepted...and compensated for.
Look forward to that time.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's it all about?

It's all about Jesus.
But ask God, He may tell you that it is all for you! That is why His Word has been kept alive since time began. That is why Jesus came in the first place! It's all about Jesus, but Jesus is for you!
What are you for?

My Savior, it is all about You,
as I live my day.
Oh let my every breath be spent
pointing out The Way!
There is none like You, Lord Jesus,
there is not another;
much more than a friend and even
closer than a brother!

Have you discovered Jesus in such a way? He is available for you!That is what He wants!
Don't let anything hold you back!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Nothing new beneath the sun...

Nowhere in the present
nowhere in the past
nowhere in the anytime
has such a stir amassed!
People are rebelling...
there is murder in the heart!
Look deep inside yourself, my friend,
decide what is YOUR part!

The days that are...
Are they any different from 2000 years ago?
Is Jesus Christ still being crucified?
He is either your friend or your enemy. There is no in-between.
The stir that He caused back then shook the world.
Is He shaking the world again, or is it still reeling from the time He spent in our midst?

"You affect the one we are
one life at a time.
You shake us to the very core
so far beneath the grime!
You go beyond persuasion,
race or even sex;
and there, upon the naked heart,
Your perfect love connects!
We need You at that level,
we need You everyday.
You need to show us what it means
to live the Narrow Way!
We need to dash our 'policies,'
to which we dearly cling,
and grasp the Truth that You've been speaking
through the ages' ring!

How long are we to wander?
The wilderness, it bites!
I must learn to submit to You
and stop demanding 'rights!'
For generations You have shown
the path that I must choose.
I must devour, Lord, Your Word
instead of evening news."

Rebellion. It's nothing new. It's not even appalling anymore, because every one of us has it in our own hearts.
What are you going to do about it?
What am I going to do about it?
What are we going to do about it...

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Blessed be the Name of the Lord!
God is so good. If allowed, He will speak to You words to directly address the situation that you are living.
On the other hand, if you are close enough to hear, He will address it even if not allowed!

You see what I am going through
and I am not alone.
In the constancy of day
Your Presence, Lord, is known.
You find a way to let me know
when I have sought all ways;
Regardless of environs, I
have always cause to praise!

How can I explain this to
the one apart from You?
There is so much inside You, Lord,
for what he's going through!
Even them that are Your own
so often find it odd
when I describe to them the love
between me and my God!

How wonderful, relationship!
So personal, so real!
Something I can hold on to,
something I can 'feel.'
God alive in everything
that one may call the 'day...'
far greater than 'permission' to
direct me on The Way!

God is in control. Even when others refuse to give Him control, He still owns it.
Why fight it?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

What's new?

How many years ago to sit
with prostitutes and kings?
How far back must we go
to overlook such things?
"I can't go pray for HER! What will
the elders have to say?!"
If someone sees me go 'in there'
there might be hell to pay!

How long will we let 'attitudes'
dictate ministry?
Did God consider such when He
came and rescued me?
No, He came into that place
where 'righteousness' was rare,
came over to my table, smiled,
and sat down in a chair!

I do not hear "What if..." "But wait!"
when life is from the heart.
With grace and understanding does
that conversation start.
And if I cannot sit with those
with whom He dines as yet,
the greatest calling in this life
I might as well forget.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Life anew is plenty rife now: trees are almost fully dressed... grounds are ready to mow... those places that are never touched by mowers are developing shades of hue that cause memories... those upon the wing are in abundance and replete with songs that are afresh! But it is seasonal. Life is abounding, however, one that is not 'seasonal!' God is alive within, without, in and around, and He is constant! Look... I see Him in the buds that are
awaiting for to bloom...

I see Him in the flowers that

emit such sweet perfume...

I see Him in the trees that dance

with, oh the slightest breeze...

I see Him in the birds that frolic

in the limbs with ease!

Seasonal? Not really. Beautiful? ABSOLUTELY! Visible? That is completely up to you. What will you choose to see today?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blows of life

Whispers hard that none may see
dance with every tired tree
as birds of several catagory
write another vesper story.
In the breeze that is quite able,
God approaches on the table
offering His open hand
to any that receive command.
Them that listen to His voice
are given cause for to rejoice
as He completes them, every One,
as they receive His only Son!

Thus, as whispers, hard or soft,
are spoken low or high aloft,
standing firm can surely be
in Jesus--our Security!

Are the winds at work in your life?
Do the gusts seem to blow against you?
Get to know the One Who creates the wind, and He will seal You in His love...
a love that contains all you need to conquer!
THE LOVE that is all you need to conquer!
God has that kind of love. Ask for it!

Monday, April 4, 2011

"Good" Morning?

In the morning of the day
Creator Jesus comes my way.
The radiance that He contains
obscures my very many stains.
For in the Presence of The King
I am cleansed of everything!
And there I stand in beauty fair
due Him with glory 'yond compare!
The morning of the day, therefore,
to turn to silence that would roar!
Jesus Christ alone appear
and there be only glory near:
a newer glory to the place...
a greater life upon my face...
a more abundant living all
with His grace about me fall!

Oh, the morning of the day
with Him-the Truth, the Life, the Way!
No other start be sought by living-
Jesus--life, and life so giving!

"Good" morning? It is with Jesus alive in your heart!
"Good" morning? For some, it is only a hope to which they cling, because the pain is so bad!
If it is a "good" morning for you, remember Who it is that is good, and don't forget to pray for those who are not having such a good one.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Final 'Fault'

Praise the Mighty Name of JESUS!!

The glory of His Majesty is without comparison!

The poet even struggles to capture it in verse.

The splendor of the One Who died for me-

is it too great for terminology?

Such to be dilemma one time more...
who be up to such challenge as before?

Dare any man attempt for to embrace

the glory and the majesty of Grace?

But even the most learned has a quest-

will that which be composed turn out so blessed?

"Glory, splendor, majesty so grand!"

Will we ever come to understand

the fullness of the One that we exalt,

or will it only be the final fault?

The final fault: being unable to fully comprehend God.

I guess it will be my 'handicap' forever!