Thursday, March 24, 2011

Words to Three

Prayer. Merely 'words?'

My hope and my deliverance
is in One Man alone;
and it is His Name that I cry
drawing to the Throne!
Approaching Jesus Christ, in Whom
this man is born again,
reassures my soul that I
am surely gonna win!

For this old world can make me feel
defeated, so, at times,
but I call out His holy Name
and then my spirit climbs!
He helps me to ascend above
wherever I have been
and says "Take courage, oh My son,
in Me you're born again!"

The victory He brings to me,
what can tongue recite?!
Any earthly language does
His joy so put to flight!
To be described alone in those words
known to only Three:
the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
clearly, they hear me!

Words to Three. Often? I hope so!!
For they are so vital in being victorious in this life!

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