Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thy Mighty Names

THE High Priest...Wonderful...
Propitiation for our sins...
Who could ask for more?!

Prince of Peace...Lord of lords,
mighty King of kings...
unto the One Who's all of these
forever my soul sings!

"Oh Jesus Christ, my risen Lord,
You're all of the above!
And I just cannot live, my Lord,
without Your perfect love!
And yea, though there are many names
so fitting unto Thee,
they just don't mean that much, until
You, our Savior, be!

To many out there in the world
these names don't mean too much;
but, Lord, do they get precedence
when is applied Thy touch!
Help me, oh God, ensure the power
of Thy holy Names
by making sure, Thy grace to them,
this humble man proclaims!"

Only names? No, Names!
See to it that those Names have place in your heart!
The Names of God. So beautiful!

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