Thursday, March 3, 2011

Silent Rooms...

The silence of the sanctuary-
find us yet once more;
find us a people in great need,
His mercies to implore;
so needing of a healing,
so needing of His grace,
needy of all that's availed
as we seek Your face!

The silence of the sanctuary-
audible alone?
The voice of God Himself, but it
is very clearly known:
speaking to the spirit,
speaking to the heart;
addressing that so hidden deep--
"Oh God, how great Thou art!!"

The silence of the sanctuary
beautiful and real.
Let it be more than just a 'thing'
this night to hear and feel.
Let it be the start of an
experience anew
of LIVING Jesus Christ the Lord
in everything we do!

Do you "go to church?" Is it more than a 'service?' Is it more than 'just a building?'
God means for it to be a place for 'life,' life for you! Even when you are just walking through 'silent rooms.'

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