Saturday, March 5, 2011


"I cannot see You once again,
but You don't mention where I've been.
You reach out and capture me
until Your richness I can see!

I cannot hear Your voice once more.
But rather than see me and roar,
You whisper my name one more time-
into Your Presence then I climb!

I cannot feel You, oh my God!
Yet, once again You spare the rod
and use, alone, Your massive palm
for to induce that inner calm."

So many things that I cannot.
Oh, but a greater list I've got!
A list that does not have an end:
the qualities of my Best Friend!
His Name is Jesus Christ, my Lord.
None other can, such hope, afford!
Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me!
His mercies ever cover me!

And what an awesome covering!
No greater grace than Jesus Christ.
No OTHER grace than Jesus Christ!
Take Him into Your heart and allow His qualities to live through you!

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