Monday, March 21, 2011


Who cares about that neighbor?
They have family, too!

She's staring out the window...
I have too much to do!

She waves at me when I drive by,
she always has a smile;
I've never met her family--
maybe in awhile...

I just don't have the time...
they seem to have all day;
I always ask "How are you?"
but they have so much to say!
I'll talk to him this weekend
when I get off the links;
besides, when I go over there,
something usually stinks.

"Who cares?" "Who really has the time?"
So Jesus asks of all.
Anything my neighbor needs--
I have the wherewithal!
I have no valid reasons,
just excuses to avoid.
A love, then, that is counterfeit?
Passions that are void?

Hang on, there's someone at the door...

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