Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just elements


Dare I take of that so precious
broken just for me?
Liquid so alive that it
can change eternity?
A Body and a Blood so mighty
to affect the least?
Life to be solidified...
faith to be increased!

Dare partake of "ritual?"
But cursed be such deed!!
It is a living thing to do,
living that is freed!
Life that is secured in God,
Jehovah God alone;
Bread and wine for to restore,
none other to atone!

The Body and the Blood--
it is alive; HE IS ALIVE!
With that Blood within, we are
to prosper and to thrive!
God has given elements
so elementary;
the Blood--it is our transport into
all eternity!

O, partake of that so precious,
it is done for all!
You can affect eternity,
just heed the Spirit's call!
Take of that so living, LIVE IT!
Life without reserve
from Him Who takes upon Himself
what all men would deserve!

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