Thursday, March 24, 2011

In the wee hours...

Darkness be upon us,
almost four a.m....
yet the darkness is unknown
as I am up with Him!
I couldn't sleep because of

situations that abound,
yet as I rose the One Who rose
was easy to be found!

Though I cannot sleep, I do not
have to be alone.
My precious Friend, Lord Jesus Christ,
has stepped down from His throne.
And He is sitting here with me
discussing issues through
and making sure I understand
exactly what to do.

Though I don't understand the wise
of all the things that be,
what to do about it is
explained so unto me
by the Holy One Who has
redeemed my very soul,
Who, e'en in early morning, can
come down and make me whole!

What a blessing to have a friend as close as Jesus.
What a blessing to have Jesus Who is closer than a friend!
At all hours He is here.
At all hours He is there with all wisdom.
What a Friend I have in Jesus.
Do you?

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