Sunday, March 13, 2011


Whatever has solidity,
o make it ever shine!
Too many are the 'attitudes'
affecting the divine.
Too often be actions
reacting to the tide,
instead of standing firm in that
which be secure inside!

Oh make that inner footing
be nothing that may wane!
O let that which I cling to
be never done in vain!
But God is all-in-all, He is
the most, the very best!
I cling to Him and only Him
and I am blessed, so blessed!

Jesus Christ, Solidity
in this life and the next!
Seek Him and His ways--there be
no need to be perplexed!
Solid is The Rock Whose Name
is over every name,
and with Him as your Savior, His
assurance you may claim!

What are you clinging to, trusting in, relying on?
Is it something that fluctuates with the market?
I surely hope it is not a 'thing' at all!
Trust in JESUS and what He has to offer. It is eternal.

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