Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Settled and established in one's heart as truth:

So beautiful is Jesus--
who could understand?
All attention of creation
does the Lord command!

"Jesus, You're the most important
Person of all time.
You shut away the world as I,
into Your Presence, climb.
You are into all that world
loving, reaching, calling...
the Life that is The Blood, for You
are constantly installing!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
Master, Savior, Friend!
My Lord, our relationship,
it shall not ever end!
You escort me through this life,
and in the next, You lead!
Jesus, all my liberation,
in You I am freed!

So beautiful, my Jesus!
I cannot understand!
Yet I grasp Your reality
as You reach out Your hand."

Is such established and settled in your heart.
There is still time to settle that if you are reading this.

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