Thursday, March 24, 2011

Carry on...

"Carry on, oh whisper,
how far will you convey?
You are the only motion as
is ending up the day.
Already you contain the hints
cognition to suffice,
and now you bring to life an ease
that has not any price!

Carry on, oh whisper,
you are far more than breath!
As you brush across the brow
we hear the words "Thus saith..."
Speak to us of life anew,
speak of life beyond...
mind us of the words of Him
of Whom we are so fond!

Carry on, oh whisper,
you are far more than breeze.
In your grasp we realize,
in this life, but an ease.
A respite for a moment in
the bustle of the hour.
Blessed be your subtlety
and overwhelming power!"

Stop... Listen... Feel...
Have you the time to?
It's worth it.
So often, in that breeze, there is a "...still, small voice."
Make time to find It.

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