Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Intimacy Calls

Intimacy calls...again.

How will you answer?

Will you even recognize His call?

"You look at me and call me 'friend;'

Your love for me is to the end;

Your life is poured out for my own...

oh God--such love I haven't known!

Such passion, can I even know?

That which, on us, You would bestow

is greater far than of this place;

grace--and so amazing grace!

My Lord, You say to me "You're mine!"
Words of passion, words divine!

You mean for me a perfect plan.

Your love for ALL is to the end!

You call us 'child,' You call us 'friend!'

Oh Father, there is none like You.

Oh keep us, each one, ever true!"

As I tell of the love that my Father and I have, it is with a desire that you would seek that same affection. He loves you just as much as He loves me, and He and I both desire that You would make it as real in your own life!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Words to Three

Prayer. Merely 'words?'

My hope and my deliverance
is in One Man alone;
and it is His Name that I cry
drawing to the Throne!
Approaching Jesus Christ, in Whom
this man is born again,
reassures my soul that I
am surely gonna win!

For this old world can make me feel
defeated, so, at times,
but I call out His holy Name
and then my spirit climbs!
He helps me to ascend above
wherever I have been
and says "Take courage, oh My son,
in Me you're born again!"

The victory He brings to me,
what can tongue recite?!
Any earthly language does
His joy so put to flight!
To be described alone in those words
known to only Three:
the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
clearly, they hear me!

Words to Three. Often? I hope so!!
For they are so vital in being victorious in this life!

In the wee hours...

Darkness be upon us,
almost four a.m....
yet the darkness is unknown
as I am up with Him!
I couldn't sleep because of

situations that abound,
yet as I rose the One Who rose
was easy to be found!

Though I cannot sleep, I do not
have to be alone.
My precious Friend, Lord Jesus Christ,
has stepped down from His throne.
And He is sitting here with me
discussing issues through
and making sure I understand
exactly what to do.

Though I don't understand the wise
of all the things that be,
what to do about it is
explained so unto me
by the Holy One Who has
redeemed my very soul,
Who, e'en in early morning, can
come down and make me whole!

What a blessing to have a friend as close as Jesus.
What a blessing to have Jesus Who is closer than a friend!
At all hours He is here.
At all hours He is there with all wisdom.
What a Friend I have in Jesus.
Do you?

Thy Mighty Names

THE High Priest...Wonderful...
Propitiation for our sins...
Who could ask for more?!

Prince of Peace...Lord of lords,
mighty King of kings...
unto the One Who's all of these
forever my soul sings!

"Oh Jesus Christ, my risen Lord,
You're all of the above!
And I just cannot live, my Lord,
without Your perfect love!
And yea, though there are many names
so fitting unto Thee,
they just don't mean that much, until
You, our Savior, be!

To many out there in the world
these names don't mean too much;
but, Lord, do they get precedence
when is applied Thy touch!
Help me, oh God, ensure the power
of Thy holy Names
by making sure, Thy grace to them,
this humble man proclaims!"

Only names? No, Names!
See to it that those Names have place in your heart!
The Names of God. So beautiful!

Carry on...

"Carry on, oh whisper,
how far will you convey?
You are the only motion as
is ending up the day.
Already you contain the hints
cognition to suffice,
and now you bring to life an ease
that has not any price!

Carry on, oh whisper,
you are far more than breath!
As you brush across the brow
we hear the words "Thus saith..."
Speak to us of life anew,
speak of life beyond...
mind us of the words of Him
of Whom we are so fond!

Carry on, oh whisper,
you are far more than breeze.
In your grasp we realize,
in this life, but an ease.
A respite for a moment in
the bustle of the hour.
Blessed be your subtlety
and overwhelming power!"

Stop... Listen... Feel...
Have you the time to?
It's worth it.
So often, in that breeze, there is a "...still, small voice."
Make time to find It.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring at last!

Spring is finally this morning,
listen to the song!
All of living comes to life
as season comes along!
A melody inspiring
the work that must be done;
Get up! Get up, ye living!
Get out in the living sun!

Melody upon the wing...
harmonies that brightly ring...
One Conductor over all;
answer to His living call!

Spring this morning! Blessed be
the glory of the day!
God providing all--He is
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
God providing even that
awaiting yet to bloom...
His order, o so evident,
and lovely, His perfume!

Take time today to notice the glory of new life that God has sent!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Who cares about that neighbor?
They have family, too!

She's staring out the window...
I have too much to do!

She waves at me when I drive by,
she always has a smile;
I've never met her family--
maybe in awhile...

I just don't have the time...
they seem to have all day;
I always ask "How are you?"
but they have so much to say!
I'll talk to him this weekend
when I get off the links;
besides, when I go over there,
something usually stinks.

"Who cares?" "Who really has the time?"
So Jesus asks of all.
Anything my neighbor needs--
I have the wherewithal!
I have no valid reasons,
just excuses to avoid.
A love, then, that is counterfeit?
Passions that are void?

Hang on, there's someone at the door...

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Once again in line...
time that isn't mine...
what would HE assign?
I must redeem!

Praying while I wait;
nothing ever late...
every moment's fate:
the time redeem.

Once again in line-
always His design!
I cannot resign,
I must redeem!

More and more, we are a people that must go somewhere and wait.
The doctor's office...
the hospital...
and so much more all require time.
How will you redeem the time that God gives you?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Early yet again.
Silence in the dawn.
As day begins, life is to note

Sentinels are shivering
upon the rise today,
waving arms to life with early breeze...
Not a cloud in sight to hinder
vision in the morn;
blessed be the glory of the trees!

Alone on the morning walk? NEVER!
Not only is Creator God walking beside, His wonderful trees are waving and whispering to us!
Oh, what life!!


Settled and established in one's heart as truth:

So beautiful is Jesus--
who could understand?
All attention of creation
does the Lord command!

"Jesus, You're the most important
Person of all time.
You shut away the world as I,
into Your Presence, climb.
You are into all that world
loving, reaching, calling...
the Life that is The Blood, for You
are constantly installing!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
Master, Savior, Friend!
My Lord, our relationship,
it shall not ever end!
You escort me through this life,
and in the next, You lead!
Jesus, all my liberation,
in You I am freed!

So beautiful, my Jesus!
I cannot understand!
Yet I grasp Your reality
as You reach out Your hand."

Is such established and settled in your heart.
There is still time to settle that if you are reading this.

Just elements


Dare I take of that so precious
broken just for me?
Liquid so alive that it
can change eternity?
A Body and a Blood so mighty
to affect the least?
Life to be solidified...
faith to be increased!

Dare partake of "ritual?"
But cursed be such deed!!
It is a living thing to do,
living that is freed!
Life that is secured in God,
Jehovah God alone;
Bread and wine for to restore,
none other to atone!

The Body and the Blood--
it is alive; HE IS ALIVE!
With that Blood within, we are
to prosper and to thrive!
God has given elements
so elementary;
the Blood--it is our transport into
all eternity!

O, partake of that so precious,
it is done for all!
You can affect eternity,
just heed the Spirit's call!
Take of that so living, LIVE IT!
Life without reserve
from Him Who takes upon Himself
what all men would deserve!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Whatever has solidity,
o make it ever shine!
Too many are the 'attitudes'
affecting the divine.
Too often be actions
reacting to the tide,
instead of standing firm in that
which be secure inside!

Oh make that inner footing
be nothing that may wane!
O let that which I cling to
be never done in vain!
But God is all-in-all, He is
the most, the very best!
I cling to Him and only Him
and I am blessed, so blessed!

Jesus Christ, Solidity
in this life and the next!
Seek Him and His ways--there be
no need to be perplexed!
Solid is The Rock Whose Name
is over every name,
and with Him as your Savior, His
assurance you may claim!

What are you clinging to, trusting in, relying on?
Is it something that fluctuates with the market?
I surely hope it is not a 'thing' at all!
Trust in JESUS and what He has to offer. It is eternal.

God, only God!

"Who is like You, o my God?
Not any other be!
You are replete with creation,
grace and majesty!
The glory of Your Person,
it has not any peer!
Who is like You, oh my God?
No one, no thing comes near!

Ah, Lord God, You are God!
There is NOT any other!
Things and people would pretend,
but they are only bother!
Man would elevate himself
but only to default;
You alone are God--the only
One I will exalt!

Who is like You? Be it sin
for even to compare?
Futile it be, though, as not
another could compare!"

God...and no other.
God, only God!

For love alone...

Bridges are built...bridges are burned...for love alone.
Promises are made...promises are NOT made...for love alone.
Life is given, life is taken...for love alone.For love alone...

What things are done for love alone,
what utter desperation!
What's given in the name of love,
even ONE salvation!
Blood is shed for love alone,
but One to matter most:
God, Himself, gave His Own Son
in us to be engrossed!

For love alone.
Jesus Christ is come because God so loved the world!
For love alone, life is given.
For love alone, life is taken.
For love alone, LIFE IS RETURNING!

Do you know that lone love?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time for Life!

Hours from the living...
just 'living' as before?
Something new and different
that 'living' has in store!
Different environment...
different location...
only so that life will know
a 'different' restoration!

Hours from the living...
but Life is present yet!
Not to leave us nor forsake us,
He will not forget!
So very mush is different,
but so much is the same...
Jesus is alive inside,
oh, blessed be His Name!

Life is never the same!
With Jesus Christ in the heart, all things become new...always!
No, not even the poet can explain it. He can only live it, and invite you to do the same!


Silence...mass confusion...perfect peace... all at once...
the self and the spirit playing tug-o'-war...
all amounting to "good vs. evil."
It's not my battle, but I am the only one that can fight it!
A paradigm that only One holy can understand and explain.

It's not my battle, but it's no one else's!
It's my struggle, but it belongs to everyman.
The victory is His, but we have part in it!
Is that clear?

Silence...hear the roar!
Mass confusion...see The Way!
Perfect peace...all in Jesus!
file in Buzzwords

For who I am...

Even when I do not ask,

"You love me, Lord, for who I am
while knowing what I've done!
You know the fullness of my heart,
and yet You call me "son."
Fully understanding me
when I can't do the same...
the grace that You possess, it
overpowers all my shame!

You love me, Lord, for who I am
while knowing what I do!
You see something I cannot
that makes me more like You.
I desire, Lord, to be
like You in every way;
but teach me what to do, oh Lord,
tell me what to say!

You love me, Lord, for who I am--
I cannot understand!
The power of Your love; but, oh,
the distance it has spanned!
All for to associate
with even such as we...
Your love--we shall enjoy it, Lord,
through all eternity!"

Now and forever, the love of God is our sustenance...should be our sustenance!
Have you asked Him to sustain you?

Monday, March 7, 2011


Silence after celebrating,
time now to reflect...
Is the holiday "Thanksgiving"
now of no effect?
What if there is very little
to be thankful for?
Yet, with every day to pass,
there be more and more!

Silence after celebrating?
But it cannot be!
Thanks to God, Almighty God,
it has to flow so free!

Gratitude. It's not just a holiday, it's a state of mind and a condition of the heart.
Live it!


Sunshine falling once again,
repeatedly and wet;
so very much of life, again,
nutrition is to get!
How many the complaints to be,
the mumble and the moan?
Is anything a vow? Is only
life when light is shown?

Sunshine falling once again,
enjoy it with the rest.
Realize that all of living,
by it all, is blessed!

Clouds gather and deliver their goods. Why complain.
It will clear up.
Whatever the day brings, realize that life is and live accordingly. Nothing is going to happen to this day apart from God's knowledge, and He surely knows what He is doing!


A foreign land once more...
unfamiliar shore...
faces yet anew...

So refreshing it is to see freshness.
I know, folks prefer "same old, same ole..." but where is the challenge in that?!
So is the challenge of spreading the Gospel. So is the reward IN sharing the Gospel!
Faces yet anew...and beautiful!
If we are to share as we are commanded, we must see others as God does. They are precious in His sight. They are so valuable that He sent Jesus to obtain them!
Do I possess such passion?
Do you?

A foreign land once more.
What purpose is it for?
I must determine such
to optimize His touch!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


"I cannot see You once again,
but You don't mention where I've been.
You reach out and capture me
until Your richness I can see!

I cannot hear Your voice once more.
But rather than see me and roar,
You whisper my name one more time-
into Your Presence then I climb!

I cannot feel You, oh my God!
Yet, once again You spare the rod
and use, alone, Your massive palm
for to induce that inner calm."

So many things that I cannot.
Oh, but a greater list I've got!
A list that does not have an end:
the qualities of my Best Friend!
His Name is Jesus Christ, my Lord.
None other can, such hope, afford!
Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me!
His mercies ever cover me!

And what an awesome covering!
No greater grace than Jesus Christ.
No OTHER grace than Jesus Christ!
Take Him into Your heart and allow His qualities to live through you!

Last night...

March is making promises this morning.
The storm was pretty violent last evening.
Even little birds are showing up to remind me that all is not lost.
The lightning was beautiful...but terrifying!
The thunder was felt...not just heard.
The rain fell sideways! But it is almost dry this morning?!
Where did the night go? The terrible night! The awesome night!
Life again this morning. Fulfilling promises. Making more.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Just as I am...

Gee, that's an original title!
God has made the man.
God has made me the man that I am.
God is fully aware of all that I can do...and all that I cannot do.
I had to learn, (just like everybody else!) that I am losing abilities because I am getting older.
That is hard to admit, especially by one that depends on God for everything.
How about you?

Living in the temple,
it wears and it breaks down.
One thing lives on, however,
He is my living promise
in this life and the next!
Though this temple falls apart,
I will not be perplexed!

The temple, it is aging,
some things don't work at all!
However, I am living and
I've got a settled call!
Everything about this life
is for a time and season,
and that which may have disappeared
has done so for a reason.

So here you have this temple-
the good...the bad...the rest...
I do what I am led to do
and cry out "I AM BLESSED!!"
No different from others save
the attitude in heart...
may it ever cry out

To those of you who inspire these words, thank you. You know who you are!
In HIS Service,

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's worth it!

I was in a hospital the other day.
Sometimes, being in a hospital is like being in an elevator: everyone tries not to make eye-contact. Being a people-person, I screw that up for a lot of people.
Greet a complete stranger on the street. You can strike up a conversation. You can do the same in a hospital, but it is far more difficult.
Are you willing to make the effort?

So many people milling around...
so many people, so little sound...
so many people avoiding the eyes,
lest the accountabilities rise.

Are you willing to be responsible for relating to others, even complete strangers?
Try it. It is quite rewarding.

Silent Rooms...

The silence of the sanctuary-
find us yet once more;
find us a people in great need,
His mercies to implore;
so needing of a healing,
so needing of His grace,
needy of all that's availed
as we seek Your face!

The silence of the sanctuary-
audible alone?
The voice of God Himself, but it
is very clearly known:
speaking to the spirit,
speaking to the heart;
addressing that so hidden deep--
"Oh God, how great Thou art!!"

The silence of the sanctuary
beautiful and real.
Let it be more than just a 'thing'
this night to hear and feel.
Let it be the start of an
experience anew
of LIVING Jesus Christ the Lord
in everything we do!

Do you "go to church?" Is it more than a 'service?' Is it more than 'just a building?'
God means for it to be a place for 'life,' life for you! Even when you are just walking through 'silent rooms.'