Saturday, February 12, 2011

Time is short

Turn on any television. History in the making.
As the major networks at the moment are showing Egypt, the Scriptures cry out

Already is the mechanism moving...
already are the movers in their place...
The players that are key have their position...
it is not over only due His grace!
There are happenings man cannot fathom!
Too great for even any writer's pen!
The end already be in sight and stablished:
the warnings now for centuries have been!

The heart alone the only thing to matter,
all that is remaining counts as dross.
And One Man alone is all that matters-
the very One Who died upon the Cross!
"Cursed be That Man!" the world considers...
oh, but "Blessed be That Man!" cries Heaven's Host!
Jesus Christ--the One born of the Father,
no other Name in history may boast!

Already are the workings done and settled.
Jesus Christ is coming, coming soon!
There is no time for that which has no matter.
Settle your accounts before the noon!

Time is short. What will you do with the time?

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