Sunday, February 13, 2011

That is Love!

In greater ways than I can know You love me-
ways that I can never understand!
You reached out to capture and contain me
with an endless arm and injured hand.
You chose to do this of Your own volition,
knowing what a wretched mess I am;
You even died a violent death to love me-
becoming for all men the only Lamb!

Your love for loses me in wonder!
The order You establish is beyond!
I give You everything that I am able,
You establish me 'cause You're so fond!
I am Yours according to Your will.
I am not my own, oh mighty God!
Your love and Your affection are my staple;
my heart and soul and spirit to applaud!!

I am not my own. God purchased me with His Son Jesus. That is love.
As we focus today on "love," let's not forget the intensity of the love that God has for every one of us!

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