Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sermon notes...

Too often, I sit in the pew and take notes. However, the notes I write down so often seem to rhyme! Hmmm...

So beautiful, the mess we are,
when seen through other eyes!
There is such grace inside of us--
how many realize?
You are seen as 'beautiful,'
I am seen as 'love;'
We are seen as 'perfect' through
the eyes of God above!

So beautiful, the God He is,
when seen through open eyes!
The good that is inside of us
His Spirit glorifies!
He is the good inside of me
if there be good at all!
"Oh Beautiful, oh Wonderful..."
I answer to His call!

"O beautiful, the life You are,
reveal to us, we pray!
You are the Life we are; You are
the Truth, the Life, the Way!"

So are today's notes. Do they pertain to you? Do they speak to a need in Your life?

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