Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Real Thing

In the Presence of the Lord.
Time that ALL men MUST afford.
Once again I see His hands--
all my desires, my demands,
they are forgotten at this sight:
Jesus Christ. My heart's delight!
I don't have time for empty word,
my 'shopping list' is then absurd!
I swear that He already knows-
in His very eyes it shows.

In conversation with the Lord.
Of greatest worth be our accord!
Words are plenty, words are free,
but where are they when we are We?!
He touches me, embracing real;
it's more than sight, it's more than feel!
He hears the things I cannot say
and answers, precise in His way!
Our intercourse has greatest worth,
Oh God! Thank God for second-birth!!

The Presence of the Lord, so real.
It cannot hide! I can't conceal
our holiest of love affair!
Oh how can I, such passion, share!

How can I share?
What are mere words compared to the passion of my Father & I?!
How can letters, words, verses, characters...convey the truth of it?
It cannot be recorded. It must be experienced! And He is so real that you CAN touch Him!
I challenge you to get THAT close to Jesus Christ, my passion...my God!!

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